As part of our social responsibility we are committed to distributing food hampers to areas, through various NGOs, which are highly affected with shortages of food. Due to the spread of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have opened up our project to all customers and business partners who wish to contribute food hampers through KIT KAT with our supported NGOs.

The drive is aimed to supply food hampers to various NGOs based on their requirements. We will be running this drive on our website through online shopping platform. All donors are welcome to purchase hampers through our online shopping platform and email us details of their selected respective NGO where they would like us to deliver the hampers.

As an added service we will be publishing the name of the NGOs that we are supporting, on our website, with prior approval from such NGOs, which will assist potential donors who wish to contribute to any particular NGO.

We believe in solidarity and are working at the best of our capacity in this hour of need to address the issues raised by the spread of Coronavirus.

Round-up and smile

Our customers should be aware of the importance and significance of the charity that they are contributing to, what the Smile Foundation offers, and how Kit Kat Group and our customers would like to be part of this non-governmental organisation that has a healthcare vision for children living with facial deformities. They work together with hospitals in South Africa to put the smile back onto children’s faces with corrective facial reconstructive surgery and treatments. The Kit Kat Group would like to be proudly associated with the Smile Foundation as we also believe that the future of our nation is in the hands of our children

Customers are asked if they would like to participate in the rounding up process for charity. They are advised that they can ‘Round-up’ their sale to the nearest rand and the additional contributions are collected and donated to the Smile Foundation. For every R15000 donated, at least one child’s needs are met.

For every one rand contributed to Smile Foundation by our customers, the Kit Kat Group pledges to match on a rand for rand basis.


Redumetse Church of Christ in SA 061-421 NPO 430 Vermulen and Nelson Mandela 430 Vermulen and Nelson Mandela 96
Kitso Lesedi Community Development 060-876 NPO 468 Edmons Street, Arcadia Arcadia 527
Malekanyane Social Development 040-609 NPO 30 Mokobane Street, Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 70
Mohlakaungwa Gogo's Project 146-174 NPO Stand No 9848 Modjadie Str Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 39
Itereleng Senior Citizen Club 006-901 NPO 107 Seeiso Street  Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 24
Pretoria Cardinals Football 203-409 NPO 232 Malunde Street, Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 60
Reitumetsi Senior Citizens Club 136-144 NPO 4 Mampane Street Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 25
Korwe Multipurpose Centre 080-277 NPO 650 Taunyane Street Garankuwa Garankuwa 497
Kananelo Community Centre 216-015 NPO 348 Zone 14, Garankuwa Garankuwa 170
Tlhokomelo Community Foundation 188-189 NPO 1128 Ext 23, Garankuwa Garankuwa 8
Garankuwa Sunshine Hospice 006-489 NPO 8886 Motsatsi Road Zone 4 Ga-Rankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 419
Direlang Community Project 062-097 NPO 4346 Zone 4 Mokgethi Street,Ga-Rankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 158
Saggitarys Centre for Disable and Orphans 115-623 NPO 478 Zone 7 Ga-Rankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 32
Rockville gogo's project club 161-292 NPO  3948 Temba, Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 28
Wisane Old Age Home and Hospice 135-126 NPO 3752 Newstand Stinkwater Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 41
Kopano ke Maatla 019-208 NPO Municipal Office 1770 Komane Street Komane Street 56
Attridgeville Lotus Empowerment Centre 208-362 NPO 110 Abel tree Street, Lotus Gardens Lotus Gardens 731
Beleganang Children Centre 170-319 NPO 4516 Harry Gwala Str,Slovoville,Mabopane Mabopane 350
Winterveldt Aged Day Care Centre and Luncheon Club 152-841 NPO 1157 Lebanon Mabopane Mabopane 14
Morula Elderly Social Club 092-861 NPO 319 Block U Mabopane Mabopane 18
Angels Home-Work & Study Center 146-992 NPO 1698 Beirut, Mabopane Mabopane 60
Entokozweni Resource Centre- MIAG (COVID-19) 056-534 NPO 35416300/300 Matlhare Street, Mamelodi Mamelodi 370
Stanza Bopape Development Centre (COVID-19) 048-673 NPO No:2 Shiluvhane Street, Mamelodi East Ext 5 Mamelodi East Ext 5 400
Tateni Community Care Services 031-196 NPO 227 Vamsanda Street Moretele View, Mamelodi West Mamelodi West 34
Home of  Excellence for Everyone 166-552 NPO 1639 Section E, Mamelodi West Mamelodi West 87
Ubuhle Bethu Mamelodi Older Persons Forum 070-947 NPO N.G Church Hall 624 Shangu Str N.G Church Hall 624 Shangu Str 10
Kopano Manyano God The Founders 025-940 NPO 261 Van Erkom Building 217 Pretorious Pretorious 250
Xihlova Mental Health Care Centre And CC 146-593 NPO 28 Hlakobela Street Saulsville Saulsville 20
Koriyeng Re Makeleleng Kamoka 147-046 NPO 1761 Block GG Soshanguve Soshanguve 160
Bagolo Raitsukutsa 145-342 NPO 461 Block K, Soshanguve Soshanguve 13
Lethabong Care Cente 116-772 NPO 4025 Newstand Stinkwater Stinkwater 21
Ahitirisaneni Community Service Centre 125-290 NPO No:13 Soutpan Tswaing Tswaing 143
Zanokuhle Orphans And Vulnerable Children 198-611 NPO 1392 Mashele Stand Winterveldt Winterveldt 82
Bontanga Golden Club 208-454 NPO Plot 1080 Kgatla Stand, Winterveldt Winterveldt 18
Winterveldt Rehab Centre for Drug & Alcohol Abuse 155-024 NPO Stand no:1854 Beirut, Winterveldt Winterveldt 53
Albertville Muslim Jamaat 107-077NPO      
Global Welfare Services        
Bilal tembisa Islamic Centre (BTIC) 145-661 NPO      
Khutjang Veterans Club 127-360 NPO 3036 Block L, Soshanguve Soshanguve 28
Beirut Bagodi Club 115-490 NPO Stand NO. 1602, Winterveldt Winterveldt 32
Heavens Generals 154-560 NPO 462 BV Masakeng2/7 Ga-rankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 51
Odi Self Help Association Of The Disable 013-535 NPO 1698 Sedumedi Str, Zone 1 Ga-rankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 53
Tshwaraganang Bagudi Development Club 118-437 NPO 4272 Slovoville Winterveldt Winterveldt 18
Lerena Rea Shoma 067-549 NPO 243 Block TT Soshanguve Soshanguve 21
Garankuwa Senior Citizens 076-091 NPO 2668 Botsi Street Speedy Campus Ga-Rankuwa 74
Kekamohau Old age Club 097-280 NPO 461 Block K, Soshanguve Soshanguve 27
Zimele Elderly's Club 148-266 NPO Phumzile Primary School, Block H Soshanguve Soshanguve 21
NOSA's Elderly Service Club 198-972 NPO 1454 Morudi Stand Winterveldt Winterveldt 15
Xola Disability Day & Night Center 067-543 NPO 72 Block JJ, Soshanguve Soshanguve 46
Pfunekani Community Project 049-014 NPO 126+7 Block FF, Soshanguve Soshanguve 63
Mercy Multi-Purpose Centre 220-200 NPO 160 Zone 1 Garankuwa Ga-Rankuwa 215
Winterveldt New Settlement Pensioners Association 084-938 NPO 1516 Ndaba Stand, Winterveldt Winterveldt 23
Be Revived and be Saved Day Care for the Aged (RSA) 089-485 NPO 337 Block D, Mabopane Mabopane 15
Wome Of Hope 093-872 NPO 409 Block C, Mabopane Mabopane 20
Shinti Indigenous Cultures 017-390 NPO 1480 Block H, Soshanguve Soshanguve 16
Tshedimosetso Youth Care Network 007-298 NPO 1410 cnr Ntsimane Mabuse Street, Zone 16 Ga-Rankuwa 86
Dithoriso Drop-in Centre 172-064 NPO 1684 Block M2, Soshanguve Soshanguve 62
Sekampaneng Ditebogo Drop-in Centre 156-181 NPO 930 Block B Sekampaneng Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 60
Botshabelo Senior Citizens 155-076 NPO Stand No 84 West Proper Kanana, Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 13
Itireleng Community Skills Development 046-053 NPO 5159 Block F4 New Eersterust, Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 133
Kgotlelelo Pensioners Club 130-912 NPO 9273 Portion 9B Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 17
Batsofe Babaratanang Service Club 064-271 NPO 460D Marokolong Section, Hammanskraal Hammanskraal 21
House Of Angels 090-983 NPO 1454 Nambulite Suiderberg Suiderbeg 14
Lethabo La Bagolo Care centre 219-438 NPO 14 Ronny Maswanganye Stand, Saulsville Saulsville 25
Lotus Gardens Aging With Dignity 206-151 NPO 225 Fertura Road, Lotus Gardens Lotus Gardens 44
Oasis Is Life Feeding Scheme 075-535 NPO AD 71 Siyahlala Brazzaville Atteridgeville Atteridgeville 200
Bitsang Senior Citizen Club 138-276 NPO Mamelodi West (Old Beer hall) Mamelodi 56
Kitso Ke Botlhale Community Building 195-630 NPO 15780 Lamola Str, Mamelodi East Mamelodi 63
Mmanete Golden Older Person's Club  152-541 NPO 354 Sibande Street, mamelodi West Mamelodi 32
Moriting wa Bahudi 068-430 NPO 1952 Battswood Stree, Nellmapius Ext 3 Nellmapius 16
Eyethu Veteren Club 127-979 NPO Masetlha cricket Pitch, C4 mamelodi west Mamelodi 44
Bula-Diatla Community Organisation  167-014 NPO 4806 Section O, Malosi Str Mamelodi West Mamelodi 23
Mbonane Community Organisation 123-472 NPO 10080 Ext 8, Nellmapius Mamelodi 55
Mahube Valley Senior Citizens 168-047 NPO 615 Hlekani & Mokone Street, Mahube Valley Mamelodi 32
Togetherness Club 150-439 NPO 17 Lippernoord nellmapius Nellmapius 37
Peu Entle Senior Citizen Club 201-117 NPO 1909 Section F Nxumalo Street, Mamelodi East Mamelodi 28




Kit Kat's decision to launch a sports arena in a local community as part of their Corporate Social Investment and Responsibility (CSIR) efforts is a commendable step towards community development and youth empowerment. Such initiatives can have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of young people and the overall well-being of the community. By providing a dedicated sports arena, Kit Kat is creating a space where youth can engage in positive activities, develop valuable life skills, and foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The benefits of this initiative extend beyond physical fitness, as participation in sports and recreational activities can also contribute to improved mental health and ozverall self-confidence.

Additionally, the sports arena can serve as a platform for various community-building events, tournaments, workshops, and outreach programs. This multifaceted approach can help address a range of social issues while promoting inclusivity and unity within the community. Kit Kat's commitment to empowering youth and contributing to community development through this initiative aligns with the principles of responsible corporate citizenship. Collaborating with local organizations, schools, and community leaders will be key to ensuring the success and sustainability of the sports arena and the associated programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The sports arena serve as a catalyst for various positive outcomes: Community Development: The presence of a sports arena act as a focal point for community activities, gatherings, and events. This help foster a sense of community among residents, promoting social cohesion and stronger bonds. Youth Empowerment: Engaging the youth in sports and recreational activities instil valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and time management. It can also provide a constructive outlet for their energy and creativity. Health and Wellness: Encouraging physical activity through sports can contribute to better health and wellness in the community. This can have long-term benefits for residents' overall quality of life.

Skill Development: The sports arena can host various training programs and workshops, helping individuals develop skills related to sports, coaching, event management, and morePositive Role Models: Through mentorship programs and involvement of local sports figures, the youth can have access to positive role models who inspire and guide them.

Additionally, Kit Kat should regularly assess and evaluate the outcomes of the sports arena initiative to understand its effectiveness in achieving its intended goals. Transparent reporting and communication with stakeholders can also help build trust and support within the community.

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